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Surrender is an essential aspect of the learning process in Tantra. There is however, a lot of confusion about what surrender means with submission, which is a passive attitude that implies giving up responsibility for one’s behavior, wanting someone else to do things for you. The word surrender has significant roots, in which ‘render’ has the meaning to melt and ‘sur’ means super or highest. In other words, the true meaning of surrender is to melt into that which is higher than yourself. You give yourself voluntarily to the highest aspect of your potential so that you can begin to grow into it. True surrender is a conscious choice made from free will. It means opening your heart and trusting the person you are with.

Margo Anand

Sexual union becomes sexual mysticism not when two individuals join, but when each lover becomes for the other an opening into the transcendence of I and thou, an entry into a new dimension beyond selfhood. In this new dimension, one encounters not only another individuality, but also the powers behind and beyond nature, the principles that inhere in the cosmos.
Arthur Verluis, The Secret History of Western Sexual Mysticism: Sacred Practices and Spiritual Marriage (via sublimesea)

What's Sacred About Sex?

In finding the holy om within our sexual selves, in finding the erotic in the everyday, in working our way toward connections that enhance rather than detract from our self-knowledge and our ability to bring compassionate action to the world, we embrace the divine within.

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